Profiled changing mat without a bolster - soft baby changing mattress, perfectly fits dressers or other changing furniture. Made of the best-quality certified foil which does not contain any harmful substances and is absolutely safe even for the most delicate skin.


Two sizes are available:

- short 50x70 cm

  (for a bed 60 cm wide)

- long 50x80 cm

  (for a bed 70 cm wide)

changing mat profiled without a bolster


  • dream roll-over
  • fox
  • elephants
  • papa bear
  • fishies
  • hearts
  • owls
  • daisies
  • ducklings
  • birdies
  • peas
  • sailboats
  • hihi
  • magic forest
  • safari zebra
  • little angel
  • in my car
  • marine
  • little zoo
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