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About us

Sit back and immerse yourself in the world of children with Ceba Baby! Are you new to us? Let us quickly introduce ourselves. We are a Polish brand with a long tradition! 30 years of experience in the industry will surely help us meet your expectations! Your satisfaction and the smile of your little one is the greatest reward for us. We are one of the leading companies in Europe in the manufacturing of baby changing mats. We also offer Multifunctional PHYSIO pillows known as Cebuszka®, thermo boxes, bedding, cot protectors, tourist mats, swaddling blankets, towels and other accessories needed to prepare baby’s first layette.

It was different in the past... Would you like to hear our story? Our company’s history dates back to 1989 and it did not start off as a children’s industry. There were two friends, engineers, who had their heads full of ideas. They have tried their hand at different fields and many industries. And then the time came.... They both became happy parents and begun their wonderful journey as daddies. They were always inventive and loved high tech gadgets and as we know – necessity is the mother of invention. It coincided with the invention of the first “electronic nanny” at the beginning of 1990s, which is still popular. We must admit that our prototype of an electronic nanny had to be connected to the power supply and did not have all the functionalities that we are offered today, but it worked smoothly and flawlessly. Unfortunately, the ingenuity of our engineers exceeded market needs needs that time and nobody was interested in having such helper at home. Can you believe it? It's hard to believe! What happened next? There was yet another coincidence that caused the company to move on to the children’s industry.  

logo ceba baby

Thermo boxes! It was the first product to conquer the market under the Ceba Baby brand. Styrofoam boxes that keep the temperature of water or tea in a bottle turned out to be a hit. Our engineers had to figure out how to pack these boxes so that they look nice to children... and that’s when they came up with a wonderful idea! A wallpaper – yes, just like the one that can be installed on the walls! Can you imagine that our first thermo boxes were wrapped in an ordinary wallpaper? What an idea!

Then we moved on to the manufacturing of changing mats – and we quickly became a leader in their production in Europe. Today we can say that we are experts in this field! We create many different shapes and patterns of changing mats and care sets, and we also manufacture changing mats and baby bath tubs on wooden stands. Growing demand of the market has triggered Ceba Baby to manufacture other accessories e.g. swaddling blankets, sleeping bags, hooded towels or bed linen.

Another great revolution came in 2010 when we launched our Multifunctional PHYSIO pillow (Cebuszka®) onto the market – a relaxation pillow for Moms and their little ones. The pillow is great for breastfeeding and it was the first pillow filled with the Styrofoam balls in Poland! Today we manufacture four variants of our pillows, which are very helpful during pregnancy, breastfeeding, sleep or relaxation, but also during the rehabilitation. Now we are sure that our Multifunctional PHYSIO pillow (Cebuszka®) provides you with the comfort, support and harmony you need! Thanks to this pillow you can achieve PHYSIO benefits! Click here for more information on our pillows – www.physiopillow.eu 

Growing product range, increasing sales, high quality standards and ongoing improvements of the production lines were the reason for changing the company's headquarters in 2011. Ceba Sp. z o.o. is currently located in a 4-storey building in Oleśnica and its production halls, warehouses and office take up a space of 8000 m2. Most of our employees are women and we are very proud of it! Moms-to-be, moms and grandmas make up 90% of our team. Women are the driving force here and they are the strength of our organisation!

They were the reason why we got so many new ideas in such a short period of time and their presence here supports the on-going revolution we are seeing today!

That’s how Ceba was established – a Polish company with Polish capital!

As a long-term and reliable business partner, we also manufacture for our Clients from Poland and abroad, so that they can sell our products under their own name. Our products can be found on many foreign markets, including Norway, Finland, Sweden, Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Serbia, Morocco, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Romania, Hungary, France, Greece, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Denmark and Great Britain.

We are constantly looking for new solutions, both technological, colour and design, and those related to materials. High quality, safety and aesthetics are the values that have guided the company's founders from the very beginning. The materials we work with come only from proven, certified and experienced suppliers, with whom we have been working for many years. Textile products are hand sewn in sewing rooms. This enables us to achieve high and repeatable quality of our products. Making children and their parents smile, makes us happy! That’s why we design each pattern individually.

We believe that change is our greatest strength and that is the reason why we are constantly changing. We know our Clients are worth it!

We help individuals smile again and we support various organizations such as: Children's Health Centre in Warsaw, Princess Anna Mazowiecka Clinical Hospital in Warsaw, Equus Foundation in Poznań, Ludwik Rydygier Provincial Polyclinic Hospital in Toruń, Voivodeship Specialist Hospital of the Medical University of Wrocław, Femiplace Ceasarean Section Birthing School in Wrocław, “Skarbek” Specialist Facility in Polkowice, Puławska Medical Centre in Warsaw, Plac Grunwaldzki in Wrocław and many others.

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